Among those holding it ideology are some lesbians just who attempt to perpetuate an actual anti-men standing

Among those holding it ideology are some lesbians just who attempt to perpetuate an actual anti-men standing

Protestantism: Tend to used generically of all the Christian places of worship which might be none Roman Catholic neither Orthodox, the word way more particularly refers to the movement you to definitely originated in the new 16th century Reformation. Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and others contributed operate to fix, reform otherwise „protest“ the new problems within the doctrine and exercise which they spotted for the medieval Roman Catholicism. The brand new 16th century Protestants watched the chief doctrinal differences having Catholicism to provide: Soli Deo Gloria („in order to God’s magnificence,“ God’s facts and glory instead of chapel/papal sovereignty); Sola Scriptura („Scripture only,“ the fresh new expert of your own Bible more certified Papal translation and you can traditions), and you may Sola Gratia (salvation „by the grace alone,“ endless life gotten away from Jesus given that a no cost current because of the grace because of faith in the imputed righteousness out-of Christ in place of because of the Dresden women personals performs, rituals, otherwise sacraments).

PROUT, Northampton, MA: An acronym for Progressive Application Concept, a Hinduism-created spiritual program training meditation and you can pilates you to claims to permit existence variations to advance out of dogs to help you divinity. PROUT was marketed because of the Ananda Marga, who hopes to ascertain through practice of the theory just one community government and you will religion. Proutist Universal, Ananda Marga’s official company getting promoting PROUT, posts Prout Journal and you will Worldwide Moments.

Psychic: Occult, Modern. A person with alleged supernatural otherwise paranormal energies regularly get invisible degree other than five sensory faculties (divination); otherwise, that which identifies for example person or gift. Character readily available.

Clairvoyant Healing: A keen occult version of New age, holistic healthcare between the so-called fool around with otherwise balancing away from data recovery energy by way of reach or give moves by the professional along the patient to carry wellness. As well as, with regards to heart instructions to help with health.

Psychokinesis: Supposed capability to handle movement off physical stuff by stamina of your head by yourself, besides the legislation from natural physics.

Psychometry: New going capability to look for factual statements about an item or an individual related to it, when you’re alongside, or in experience of, the thing.

Puranas: Hindu sacred scriptures composed of myths, tales, and you can historic events; in addition to periodically utilized by those in the Years path.

Pyramid Electricity: The assumption, usually considering pyramidology, one old pyramids or even the geometric shape of an excellent pyramid stimulates otherwise delivers occult power otherwise time. Reputation available.

Pyramidology: Study of the fresh new Ancient Egyptian and you can/or Main Western ids, which can be considered keeps secrets to invisible mystical studies or miracle religious messages. Get a hold of and Pyramid Strength. Character available.


Quimby, Phineas P.: Mesmerist and you may specialist whose metaphysical concepts swayed Mary Baker Eddy (creator of Religious Research)and you will The Believe and other Attention Science religions.


Revolutionary Feminism: An outgrowth of one’s more reasonable feminist path and this found so you’re able to dictate societal views and you will statutes to reflect ladies‘ equality and you will options with dudes throughout aspects of culture. Revolutionary feminism, not, forces getting a trend to help you totally free by themselves regarding male enslavement and exploitation. Theologically, major feminism finds influence for the varied spiritual life style plus liberal Christianity, liberation theology, deity praise, Wicca, neo-paganism, and you will Modern age thinking. The fresh diversity of your way aids in common recruitment and you can promotes if you don’t strange governmental and you may spiritual alliances.

Raelian Faith, The, Claude Vorilhon (a beneficial.k.a. Rael): UFO group centered by the French blogger Vorilhon, whom states has telecommunications with god-for example extraterrestrials referred to as Elohim. Books are: Apocalypse (an excellent quarterly mag), The ebook Which Informs the situation, and you may Sensual Reflection. Character offered.

Come to, Inc. (a great.k.a beneficial. Holyland), Bishop Luke Edwards, Meridian, MS; Emele, AL: High Oneness Pentecostal category, formerly regarding the Pentecostal Assemblies around the world. Each other adults and you can children raise money by the happening the „route“ (happening the road getting weeks at a time to solicit funds). The best approach is actually for people to help you solicit financing exterior stores according to the pretense regarding elevating currency to own abused pupils.