Peru Free Trade Agreements

Peru Free Trade Agreements: Opening Up the Economy to the World

Peru has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America, thanks in part to its free trade agreements with numerous countries around the world. By opening up its markets to foreign trade, Peru has been able to attract foreign investment, boost exports, and create jobs for its citizens.

In this article, we`ll take a closer look at Peru`s free trade agreements and their impact on the economy.

What Are Free Trade Agreements?

Free trade agreements (FTAs) are agreements between two or more countries that eliminate tariffs and other trade barriers on goods and services traded between them. These agreements are designed to promote trade and investment between countries, and to provide greater access to each other`s markets.

Peru has signed 19 FTAs with countries around the world, including the United States, China, the European Union, and members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. These agreements cover a wide range of products and services, from agricultural products and textiles to telecommunications and financial services.

Benefits of Free Trade Agreements

Free trade agreements offer numerous benefits to countries that sign them. By eliminating trade barriers, companies can import and export goods more easily and at a lower cost, which can lead to increased sales and profits. At the same time, consumers can benefit from access to a wider variety of products at lower prices.

For Peru, the benefits of free trade agreements have been substantial. Since the signing of its first FTA with the United States in 2006, Peru`s exports have grown by an average of 12% per year. In addition, foreign investment in the country has increased, particularly in the mining sector, which has helped to create jobs and boost economic growth.

Challenges of Free Trade Agreements

While free trade agreements offer many benefits, they can also create challenges for certain industries and workers. In some cases, domestic companies may face competition from foreign producers who can offer products at a lower cost. This can lead to job losses and economic dislocation in certain sectors of the economy.

To address these challenges, Peru has implemented a number of programs and policies to support affected workers and industries. For example, the government has created a program to provide training and job placement services to workers who have been displaced by trade competition. In addition, the government has worked to promote economic diversification and innovation in industries that may be vulnerable to competition.


Peru`s free trade agreements have played a key role in the country`s economic growth and development in recent years. By opening up its markets to foreign trade, Peru has been able to attract foreign investment, boost exports, and create jobs for its citizens. While there are challenges associated with free trade agreements, the benefits have been significant and demonstrate the importance of international trade in promoting economic growth and development.

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